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Furniture restoration services in Cambridgeshire

If you’re looking to restore the shine and glow of your furniture, simply call Adam’s Timber Stripping to learn more about our services.

Paint Stripping

For customers looking for a lighter, modern and up-to-date look to their furniture then our paint stripping services are for you. Instead of throwing your possessions away, all it may actually need is a professional paint strip to restore its aesthetic glow and appeal. At Adam’s Timber Stripping we’re qualified to carry out paint stripping to the highest of standards. With our years of experience, you can be rest assured that you’ll be receiving a quality result each and every time.

Antique Furniture Restoration

At Adam’s Timber Stripping, we understand the sentimental value that your antique furniture will have. Which is why, we’re proud to offer our furniture restoration service which will renovate the exterior of your beloved furniture, to ensure that it’s looking as good as new. Making the most of this service can be more cost-effective than buying new furniture altogether. Meaning that you’re able to keep your cherished furniture, while not having to spend a large sum of money trying to replace it.


Sandblasting is a brilliant service that we offer at Adams Timber Stripping, as it gives the customers a clean bare metal surface to their item, rust and paint free, ready for a new finish.  This can also be applied to stone and wooden items.

On-site services

This service is for the items that are in-situ and cannot be removed from the home.  Whether it's sandblasting stonework, brickwork and beams or handstripping staircases, panelling and wooden floors, we will be able to bring new life to them.

Additional Services 

Furniture Oiling and Waxing
Wooden Floors and Staircases
Door and Paint Stripping
Metal Cleaning


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If you are based within 50 miles of Chatteris, and would like to enquire about our services then don’t hesitate to contact us on

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